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Moises Caicedo makes football look easy: Tim Vickery on Manchester United’s latest target

Moises Caicedo makes football look easy: Tim Vickery on Manchester United's latest target

Football   |   January 7, 2021


Manchester United have a lot of interest in acquiring the services of 19-year-old Ecuador international Moises Caicedo.

The world sees him as a promising youngster but South American Football expert Tim Vickery believes that the he is the real deal even at this young age.

“It looks like he’s locked in for Man United and if it goes through they’ve got themselves the real deal Holyfield,” he told Football Daily.

“The way the market is going with South American footballers, is that European clubs want to take them young, as early as possible, so they are buying on promise.

“But this fellow, Moises Caicedo, he’s already much more than a promise – he’s a reality. He’s the first player born in the 21st century to score a goal in South America’s World Cup qualifiers.”

The Red Devils are already in negotiations with his club Independientedel Valle. The deal could earn Caicedo’s current club a fee in the region of €6million and include a 20 per cent sell-on clause.

Caicedo is a central midfielder with high box-to-box workrate and Vickery likened him with Manchester City legend Colin Bell, who passed away on Tuesday aged 74.

“I don’t want to say that Moises Caicedo is going to be as good as Colin Bell,” he said. “But Moises Caicedo is in that kind of mould – he’s a terrific athlete who makes football look easy.

“He’s a box-to-box midfielder. A year ago he was saying that Kante of Chelsea was his role model. He’s already more than that – he offers more in the final third than that.

“That can of box-to-box midfielder which is very much in the tradition of the English game – strong, quick, intelligent, cool. He really does look like the genuine article.”

Manchester United, however, is not the only club after Caicedo and Independientedel Valle general manager Santiago Morales has already dropped a hint that the midfielder has high chances of going elsewhere.

“There is another club interested in England and also a team from the five top leagues in Europe,” Morales told Machdeportes.

“We have two strong teams from Europe interested in him, without reaching any understanding yet. But we hope their negotiation will be prompt.”