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Kavanagh Reveals Conor McGregor Lives Life Of Luxury For Free

MMA   |   June 3, 2019


Despite having enough money to buy whatever he would like, Conor McGregor lives the life of luxury for free.

That’s according to McGregor’s head coach John Kavanagh. He explained that McGregor is paid handsomely to wear expensive gear. And when it comes to a night on the town, McGregor would prefer his “missus cooking for him”.

McGregor is estimated to have a total net worth of £78 million. That’s $98.5 million US dollars. If you follow the Irish superstar on social media you see that he regularly flaunts an extravagant lifestyle. However, coach Kavanagh says Conor gets a pass with most of the billing.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, he said: “He’s as competitive now with his business, his whiskey, as he is with his fighting.

“It sounds weird but he doesn’t actually spend much money; everything he wears he’s paid to wear; everything he drives is given to him; he’s not into restaurants, his missus makes his meals.”

With great fame comes great responsibility, however, and McGregor has been making headlines for many of the wrong reasons as of late.

The Irish superstar was given a driving ban last month after being caught speeding at 96 mph in a 62 mph zone in Kildare, Ireland.

The incident earned McGregor a six-month driving disqualification. He appeared in a Naas district of County courtroom earlier today. The courtroom was packed with “Notorious” supporters, which McGregor apologized to the judge for.

The judge lightly scolded McGregor who was wearing a navy checked suit, with a white shirt and navy tie. He’s still dealing with the six-month ban but appeared in court after being met with another charge of driving without required documentation.

He produced the documents and the charges were dropped.